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Why is my client unable to pay using my Business Account link?
Why is my client unable to pay using my Business Account link?

Read on why SadaPay does not accept Non 3D Secured Transactions for your SadaBiz Account

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Hi! 👋 You’re probably here because earlier, you may have received a notification about a failed payment from your client. To recap: we requested you ask your client to try paying you again with another card that’s 3D-Secured 😁

Because we’re all about transparency, here’s a quick explanation for why this happened:

🔒SadaPay puts your safety first

We only accept payments from cards that are 3D-Secured 🔐

🤔What's 3DS?

3D-Secure is a layer of extra protection that banks and merchants all over the world use to encourage safe, fraud-free online transactions 🌍 When a payment is made through a 3DS card, the cardholder is required to prove their identity through the transaction process 👀That’s how 3DS card payments are more secure than other card payments 💪

The most common type of 3DS looks something like this: Imagine entering your card details into a website for a transaction. Once you do, you’re redirected to another portal (usually powered by MasterCard or Visa). Here, you’ll have to enter a One Time Password (OTP) shared to your phone number via SMS or call 📲 Once the OTP is entered, the purchase is completed ✅

🤝 How does 3DS help me?

3DS provides you protection from the clients that you’re interacting with, and helps protect against fraudulent transactions 🫡 For a payment to go through with 3DS, your clients usually have to be in possession of both their bank-registered mobile number and the card (which is being used online) at the same time 😁 For example, if someone else (God forbid!) gets ahold of your client’s card and tries to buy something from you online, if the card is 3DS enabled, it’s less likely that the payment will go through as the fraudulent other party can't get the OTP needed to complete the purchase 💪

🤷‍♀️ So, yeah.

We hope this clears up why we don't accept non-3DS enabled credit or debit cards from clients 🤓 We follow strict security protocols to make sure our Business Account is a safe platform for you, for your clients, and for other users 🙌

Thanks for understanding ❤️

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